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Oil Licenses: Equatorial Guinea lays the cards

Equatorial Guinea’s Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy has finally launched the country’s latest oil and gas blocks licensing round, EG Ronda 2016, and companies can now submit letters of interest to the ministry to be acquainted with the...

Scramble as Mexico opens offshore bids

No fewer than 21 companies are said to have signified interest by registering in the Mexico’s highly anticipated deepwater bid round billed to take place by the end of the year. Among the early callers according to reports include ExxonMobil,...

Nigeria’s power sector is litmus test

The leadership of the All Progressive Congress, APC has been charged to concentrate more on finding a way out of the doldrums of the Nigerian power sector rather than push blames to the left or to the right. The need, according to an international...

NDPHC, TCN to raise 265MW spinning reserves

The Niger Delta Power Holding Company of Nigeria, NDPHC, and Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN  are currently working out an agreement to enable NIPP plants provide about 265MW spinning reserves This deal has followed consistent attacks on gas...

Egypt may join as global gas giant

Egypt says it plans to open up wider opportunities for companies wishing to participate in the exploration and eventual development of its oil and gas sector. Tarek Elmolla, Egypt’s Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister was reported to have...

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