Oil Licenses: Equatorial Guinea lays the cards

Equatorial Guinea’s Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy has finally launched the country’s latest oil and gas blocks licensing round, EG Ronda 2016, and companies can now submit letters of interest to the ministry to be acquainted with the...

Scramble as Mexico opens offshore bids

No fewer than 21 companies are said to have signified interest by registering in the Mexico’s highly anticipated deepwater bid round billed to take place by the end of the year. Among the early callers according to reports include ExxonMobil,...

Canada’s offshore oil blocks for grab

Canada and Nova Scotia have opened close-competitive bidding for exploration licenses to six oil blocks off the province. Three blocks, as gathered from OTC press briefing, will be in the shallow water close to existing production in the Sable...

Mexico brazes up for energy reform, offers blocks

Ahead of its planned energy sector reform intended to break monopoly and enhance productivity through competitive exploration activity, Mexico will soon offer PSC licenses for some of its deepwater and ultradeepwater blocks. Maria de Lourdes Melgar...

UK’s first subsea oil storage on course

The United Kingdom has begun the first use of a subsea oil storage tank at its North Sea with Premier Oil as the executioner. Solan field, producing for the first time using normally unmanned facilities, including subsea oil storage and tanker...

BP postpones operations on Nova Scotian basin

A bird that flies without perching will finally surrender to a hunter known for shooting without aiming. Oil and gas companies are fast adjusting to the current situation of low oil prices, and they seem to delight in it. “No, it is not a...

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