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LPG Takes Front Role in Bangladesh

A shift in domestic energy development and use in Bangladesh will soon open a wide range of opportunities for companies and individuals with strong inclination for liquefied petroleum gas, LPG business. This is because the government of Bangladesh...

Gas Exploration: EG mounts search for investors

The Minister of Mines, Industry and Energy of Equatorial Guinea, Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima has expressed optimism that the low global oil prices that nearly sent most oil and gas firms out of business prior to this time was already over. He stated...

Egypt may join as global gas giant

Egypt says it plans to open up wider opportunities for companies wishing to participate in the exploration and eventual development of its oil and gas sector. Tarek Elmolla, Egypt’s Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister was reported to have...

World Bank grants Ghana $700m

World Bank will grant a loan of $750 million in guarantee to Ghana to aid the development and completion of the Sankofa gas project with estimated production of 180 million standard cubic feet of gas daily on completion in February 2018. Although,...

Oil regulatory agency workers reject new PIB

In The News Workers in the industry’s three regulatory agencies have rejected the redrafted Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) soon to be presented to the National Assembly The new PIB is to replace the one passed by the Seventh Assembly but which was...

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