By Chidiebere Ejekwu The drama of rise or fall in crude oil prices is not a new phenomenon in the long history of global oil market operations and trading where the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC has assumed, or, if moderately...

Nigeria’s Petrodollar Paralysis

By Chidiebere Ejekwu The great oil boom of the 70’s has resulted in dramatic growth in the socio-economic life of the Nigerian nation. Most of these changes are positive per se. But the greatest impact has been the intensification of the...

Oil: What to watch as Ghana advances

By Emeka Epum Years of socio-political upheavals have put the Ghanaian citizens on the alert. Within the past twenty-five years a lot has happened within the polity to raise the expectation of the average Ghanaian on the demands of good leadership....

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