About Us

Energy Window International, comprising print and online, as well as electronic, are three media channels under the umbrella of International Energy Window & Allied Co. Limited, incorporated for media and other business activities. Other business activities which include supply and procurement of Solar Power Systems and accessories, Photoconductive Light Systems, LED Lights Head etc, Office Stationeries, Gift items, Safety Wears, Office Uniforms, Security Devices as well as Consumables.

EWI (Bi-Monthly Journal), Energy Window TV (Special-Reports/Documentaries’ Window), and of course, the 24/7 EWI-ONLINE, constitute our three major planks for news/information dissemination.

We reach out to a wide spectrum of interests::from Policy Makers to Captains of Industries; from General Commerce to Analysts, and from the Academia to the larger Society.

EWI (Energy Window International)media outfit also has these features:

  1. Energy Window News Reports/highlights major happenings in the sector either on daily or monthly basis;
  2. Energy Window Talk Features a heart-to-heart talk with industry experts on various issues in the industry;
  3. Energy Window Focus Showcases a particular company and its unique contributions to the industry;
  4. Energy Window Events Is all about conferences – promotions, organization, and participation. It is also about special event programs involving personalities in the sector;
  5. Energy Window Do You Know Is an important segment that throws open critical but salient facts about issues/persons in the sector.
  6. Energy Window PR Is everything about image laundering and business promotions with a team who delivers on schedule and in accordance with specification.

Our goal always is to satisfy clients through quality work that adds value to businesses.