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Anti-oil sands development discussions unacceptable – Rachel Notley

Rachel Notley, the Premier of the province of Alberta in Canada says her government will not tolerate any discussion that not only seeks to shut down or limit significantly but also averse or inimical to the development of the province’s oil sands.

“The oil sands are a massive job and wealth creator here in Alberta and quite frankly across and throughout Canada. And we need to protect the good jobs that they create,” said Notley during a speech at the Energy Leaders Forum at the 2017 Global Petroleum Show in Canada.

She said the lack of market access means Alberta takes a financial hit on every barrel of oil.

“The twinning of the Trans Mountain pipeline (in British Columbia) gets our economy out of the economic shackles,” she said.

Notley also stated that her government would be looking closely at the theme and suggestions that will come out from the Global Petroleum Show.

“The ideas generated here will no doubt inform and support our government decisions going forward as we help create good energy jobs, diversify our export markets and reduce our emissions,” she said.

“We are tapping into the best and most innovative minds here in Alberta . . . to make sure that our future is prosperous and sustainable.”

She said her government was working on a made in Alberta response to climate change and under no circumstances will it allow any other segment in the country to impose a plan on the province.

Francois-Philippe Champagne, Canada’s Minister of International Trade, in quoting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the Energy Leaders Forum said there was “no path to prosperity in Canada that does not include the thriving, vibrant energy sector both traditional and renewable.”

“Canada is taking a balanced approach to the development of these resources,” he said.

Quoting the International Energy Agency, he said that as oil has been the dominant fuel globally so shall it be even for decades to come, adding that the agency has recognized that Alberta’s oil is a key strategic resource that contributes to the economic opportunity and energy security nationally and globally.

Champagne said the federal government is working with all levels of government and industry “to ensure that the oil sands are developed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.”

He said Canada must be prepared for the future when traditional energy sources will be outmatched by renewable resources.

“We are preparing for this day in Canada by actively pursuing renewables and investing more into innovation,” added Champagne. “We want Canada to be the leader when it comes to innovation in the world . . . and certainly in the energy sector.”

Alberta’s Minister of Energy, Margaret McCuaig-Boyd also said that the provincial government loves the energy industry and it is the “backbone” of why the province is great. She said Alberta can balance development in the industry with a lower carbon future.



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