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Gastech appoints Anne-Sophie ahead of 2023

Gastech has announced the appointment of Anne-Sophie Corbeau, a Global Research Scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP) at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs as Co-chair of its new Governing Body.

Anne-Sophie Corbeau’s academic work focuses on hydrogen and natural gas, but she is equally passionate about nurturing the next generation of talent in the energy sector. She was once part of the sector’s “next-generation” herself: “I started working on fuel cells and hydrogen 20 years ago,” she says. “I was way too early for my time!”

After switching research focus to natural gas, Anne-Sophie took a job with Cambridge Energy Research Associates, and from there moved to the International Energy Agency (IEA). Her time at the IEA coincided with the Global Financial Crisis of 2007/08. The need to better understand short-term gas market movements led her to develop a short-term gas market forecast – the first such IEA report to focus on natural gas. It went on to become the IEA quarterly Gas Market Report, which remains a vital industry tool to this day.

After the IEA, she joined the then-nascent King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC) in Saudi Arabia. Initially drawn to the challenge of something “completely different”, Anne-Sophie enjoyed three years at KAPSARC, before the strain of separation from family, who’d remained in Paris, proved too much. She moved to bp in September 2017, as Head of Gas Analysis – her first role with a major energy company. Reporting directly to Chief Economist Spencer Dale, she helped to grow bp’s renowned suite of research, and was centrally involved with the annual Statistical Review and Energy Outlook reports. Newly based in London, she was much closer to home, but the COVID-19 lockdown again left her feeling unhappily remote from her family. The opportunity to return to Paris and work with CGEP on advancing “smart, actionable and evidence-based energy solutions” was too good to refuse. Her longstanding professional acquaintance with Jason Bordoff, CGEP founder and former Special Assistant to President Barack Obama, only served to make the transition easier.

Anne-Sophie is also a published author, having written multiple long-form academic research papers, and shorter-form commentary-led articles for a variety of outlets.

“I’ve known Anne-Sophie since her time at KAPSARC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,” says Paul Sullivan, Co-chair of the Gastech Governing Body, and Senior Vice President at Worley. “I have absolutely no doubt that she’ll bring a fresh perspective to the role. Her background in business research and strategy will be equally insightful. Gastech is already known as a forum for peerless thought-leadership; with Anne-Sophie taking a bigger role in the development of our content, we can only build on that well-deserved reputation.”

“The breadth of Anne-Sophie’s professional experience made her an obvious choice,” adds fellow co-chair, Nick Milne, Managing Director – Upstream Energy Capital, Macquarie Bank. “She has already made valuable contributions to recent Gastech programmes, both as a Governing Body member and conference speaker. Her knowledge of the lower-carbon energy space and genuine commitment to empowering the next generation of energy professionals made it a perfect fit.”

Although Anne-Sophie attended her first Gastech in 2012, she cites her second Gastech experience, in 2017 in Japan, as the point at which the penny dropped: “I presented a paper that was titled ‘LNG for Africa’. It was only then that I really became aware of just how important Gastech is. What I like most is that it has really evolved with the industry. At the very beginning it was a gas conference, but now it is a gases conference. We talk as much about green gases and hydrogen as we do about natural gas.”

And she is in no doubt that the event has only grown in importance over recent years. “We are facing the biggest energy crisis in history. It’s the conjunction of a huge geopolitical event and the bigger problem of climate change. We need to do something about emissions.”

It’s a call to action that has been repeated across the globe. Gastech 2023 is a unique opportunity for energy leaders of today and tomorrow to agree on a roadmap for the future health, wellbeing, and prosperity of the planet.

“I am delighted to welcome Anne-Sophie as a Co-Chair of the Gastech Governing body,” says Sarah Howell, Vice President – Energy, dmg events. “We first met through the ExxonMobil Power Play which supports women working across the energy and LNG sector. It’s critical that we have a more diverse representation across the sector, and I hope that by welcoming Anne-Sophie to the Governing Body we will be able to encourage more women to submit abstracts during our call for papers for the technical and commercial conference, and increase the female participation at Gastech, and throughout the energy industry in general.”

The Gastech 2023 Governing Body is made up of a senior, select group of professionals spanning the full gas, LNG, hydrogen, and energy supply chain. The Governing Body is a 60-member committee focused on ensuring the conference supports research of the highest standards. Individuals who serve on the committee must complete an application for selection to ensure the appropriate balance of knowledge, skills, experience, diversity, and independence of the Governing Body is maintained.

Speakers featuring in the technical and commercial conferences are usually selected by the Gastech Governing Body based on abstracts submitted in response to the call for papers.

Coming at a very critical time, her appointment sets the stage for uniqueness and exhaustive contents as Gastech prepares for its yearly gas feast taking place from 5-8 September 2023 in Singapore. It is one of the major fora for companies across the energy value chain to showcase the latest technological innovations in a rapidly evolving energy landscape.

Known as one of the world’s largest natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, low carbon solutions, and climate technologies event, is billed to attract upwards of 40,000 international visitors and providing heads of state, government officials, ministerial and global business leaders, disruptors, innovators, and students with a platform to engage in conversation.

An internationally renowned event will feature more than 600 speakers across the value chain but experts in their own fields to discuss crucial industry topics, including energy industry megatrends, net zero ambitions, next generation energy solutions, project funding, investor activism, and energy justice.



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