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KPA Unicon, Stora Enso reach a deal

Stora Enso Wood Products Ltd and KPA Unicon have signed a contract of a biomass-fired hot water boiler plant delivery to Stora Enso sawmill in Honkalahti, Finland. The output of the new Unicon Biograte boiler plant will be 17.7 MWth. The new boiler plant will utilize bark and other wood residues from the Honkalahti sawmill as fuel, and it will produce hot water to the sawmill´s drying kilns. The new biomass boiler plant is scheduled to be in operation in August 2017.

This is a turnkey delivery excluding civil and foundation works. The contract includes all process equipment, installations, commissioning and training of the operational personnel. The heart of the new biomass-fired boiler plant is Biograte combustion technology, which is especially designed for utilization of wet biomass fuels for effective energy production.

The contract includes KPA Unicon`s PlantSys system for local and remote control of the plant. PlantSys collects data from the process equipment and makes operation of the plant easy and reliable. PlantSys also enables a trusted remote access to the plant to optimize the parameters and predict the future service and maintenance needs.

The parties have also signed a three year service agreement. The service agreement facilitates forecasting of service and maintenance work at the plant. This also guarantees the best availability of the plant.

“At the moment we have also a 15 MWth boiler plant project ongoing with Stora Enso. The boiler plant delivery to Ala sawmill is in the project phase.  In the past we have delivered several boiler plants to Stora Enso sawmills in Russia and the Baltic states. This new plant to Honkalahti is a good continuum to our long-term cooperation”, says Teemu Koskela, Sales Director of KPA Unicon.




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