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Space Solar Power a clean, reliable energy alternative

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Despite over $2 trillion invested into renewable-energy subsidies and projects over the past 20 years, the world has made no progress in reducing its energy supplies’ carbon intensity; CO2 increases are accelerating. Space Solar Power offers a clean, reliable, baseload energy alternative — with near zero CO2 intensity, zero fuel cost, zero water use, and a 99.3 percent capacity factor, among other key advantages.

Just as the Comsat Act created the Comsat Corp., and our robust commercial communications satellite industry, a “Sunsat Act” could create a commercial power satellite industry. The next U.S. president must advocate and sign a “Sunsat Act,” as no U.S. corporation has the patient financial resources needed to initiate an SSP industry. Japan and China have major SSP projects organized as public/private corporations.

Wind and solar are intermittent, which makes them extremely problematic as true replacements for baseload power generation. If their power were stored to correct that intermittent using the lowest cost mass energy storage available, CAES, SSP would deliver 71 times higher energy return on energy invested than wind or terrestrial solar using 24-hour storage.



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