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Tanzania targets 75 percent LPG penetration by 2030

  • Inaugurates its LPG Association

Tanzania’s population and indeed the rest of Africa has continued to grow year on year which also continues to impact adversely on the environment. The country is a population of about 54 million people, with GDP per capita of 879 per cent, and 95 per cent of the people use solid fuels (2015) data. Today this growth in population has resulted to an increase in the demand for cooking energy, which is mostly derived from biomass – firewood and charcoal in most cases, and both cooking methods which WHO and UN have consistently written off due to their hazardous health implications.

One of the alternative cooking energy sources that help to eliminate or reduce the health and environmental effects from the use of biomass is Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). It is relatively a new source of cooking energy especially in Tanzania whose average annual consumption growth is still within the neighborhood of about 15%, made possible by the relatively limited investment in facilities like LPG receiving Ship to Shore Terminals, network of LPG filling plants in some selected regions and deployment of LPG cylinders, both within the rural and the urban.

However, there have been concerns that with the ongoing accelerated LPG consumption growth in Tanzania, it was not unlikely that the existing LPG facility network would not meet the expected demand of LPG distribution in the country in the coming years. Which also makes it extremely important for more investments, from both foreign and local investors.

The East Africa LPG Expo – Tanzania 2023 was a premier event which brought together different people across the globe – government officials, industry leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders, to discuss the way forward – the latest trends in technologies, as well as innovations in the LPG sector. The 2023 edition provided an opportunity for delegates and stakeholders to gain valuable insights into the future of the LPG industry, as well as explore new products and services at the summit exhibition.

Besides the success of the East Africa LPG Expo – Tanzania 2023, the inauguration ceremony of the Tanzania LPG Association was also a major milestone for the LPG industry.

The significance of this milestone according to the WLPG post event release, was demonstrated by the presence of LPG expo delegates and prominent LPG leaders at the occasion, and preceded by a speech by the Association’s Chairman, Benoit Araman who also presented a scintillating welcome speech.

In attendance were about 52 exhibitors, from across the globe, who also showcased their products and services, with over 1,000 industry professionals present at the convocation. The conference also featured over 25 renowned LPG leaders, as they highlighted the importance of clean energy sources and industry opportunities. Most of the delegates also had the opportunity of sharing their knowledge and experiences about the LPG market.

“The Tanzania LPG Association is a positive step towards advancing the LPG industry and ensuring its continued success. With the formation of this new association, the LPG industry in Tanzania can look forward to greater cooperation, collaboration, and innovation.

“We would like to express our gratitude to all the organizations, exhibitors, speakers, and everyone involved in this event – making another successful LPG event in Africa.”

The 2023 event was supported by the Ministry of Energy Tanzania and Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA), in collaboration with Arahata and LPG Expo. it was held from 15th – 16th of March at the Johari Rotana Hotel, Dar es Salaam.



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