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What to expect at WEC 2024 in Rotterdam

Taking place from 22-25 April 2024 in Rotterdam, the 26th World Energy Congress is the only global energy event convening 150+ C-suite speakers, 70+ Ministers, and 7,000+ international energy stakeholders, and enables the highest levels of government-to-government dialogue. It’s time to shape the future of energy.

Why Attend?

  • The most visionary and truly inclusive world energy leadership convening, bringing together all sectors, industries, technologies and geographies
  • Impact-focused content programme built on the collective insights and experience of our unique 100-year-old global network of over 3,000 member organisations and a presence in nearly 100 countries.
  • A world-class platform that showcases the most exciting advances in energy and a highly interactive experience that inspires progressive leadership thinking and collaborative and constructive action.
  • Held in Rotterdam, a city that consistently supports innovation and is at the heart of Europe’s energy transition.

Connect with:

  • Business – decision-makers and practitioners representing all energy interests, from traditional energy to buyers, consumers and users of energy​
  • Government, community leaders and policy-makers –Ministers and senior government, IGOs, local government, city leaders and regulators ​
  • Civil society, academia and experts – the brightest minds from all levels of society​
  • Start-ups and entrepreneurs – the new creative thinkers, disruptors and transformers​
  • Future Energy Leaders – the next generation of exceptional energy leaders​
  • Foundations and advocates – those dedicated to championing humanity and a healthy planet​
  • Journalists and media broadcasters

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