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BGS revolutionizes the event industry

The emergence of “Covid-19” and the characteristic onslaught on world economies, making a mincemeat of the overall psychic order one individual and country to the other has left no one in doubt that the need to think in an extraordinary way is here and inevitable. BGS Group is one among many who are really taking the steps in proving that extraordinary times call for extraordinary solutions.

In response to the travel constraints in Europe, BGS Group, the organizer of EPOCH Congress has announced the launch of a new virtual platform – BGS Online, an outstanding project designed and created by BGS Group, a platform which has combined many years of experience in event organization to include the latest IT technologies, which also has allowed it to organize a full scope Congress rather than a regular webinar or online conference.

A fully interactive platform, it has the capacity to bring much more benefits than the offline congress, however retaining all main features of classical, high-level Congress, as well as keeping a high-level networking in the same manner and power as obtained during face-to-face interactions, providing equally a congress experience with less cost and less risk.

BGS Online serves as a platform for EPOCH 2020, to be held on October 5-6.2020, is intended to attract top companies. The group is equally delighted that the number of participants, from VIP delegates to end users has both risen and widened, resulting from the unlimited space as an online summit. “For companies who had registered earlier on also decided to include more decision-makers to their delegation. It also means that the number of quality leads after the Congress is expected to triple.”

Among already confirmed participants are OMV, Shell, Eni, BP, Equinor, Dragon Oil, McDermott, Wood, KBR, CROSCO, European Commission, and other oil and gas majors. Therefore, make a request at the EPOCH Congress website today at



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